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The Comment Generator was created to help teachers write high-quality, feedback-rich, personalized comments without taking hours of the teacher's time. When writing class sets of comments for report cards, projects, assignments or tests, teachers will tend to write the same comment over and over, taking hours of their time. The Comment Generator helps teachers focus on the feedback they want to give, and then does the “monkey work” of putting the words together. This helps teachers provide more frequent feedback without taking time away from their families.

The Comment Generator

Version 3.1.3

Last Updated On: March 3rd, 2024


The Comment Generator lets teachers:

  • Create their own high-quality comment banks
  • Use those comment banks to automatically generate comments relevant to each student
  • Automatically insert student's names into the comments, as well as correct pronouns to the appropriate gender
  • Share their comment banks with members of their teams
  • Save tons of time on their assessment!


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