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Frequently Asked Questions

To get started, you will need to create a "comment bank" that acts as a blueprint for your reports. Once that is complete, The Comment Generator creates an input screen where you can select which comments are included in which reports. It also inserts the student's name and appropriate pronouns, as required. Learn more here.
The Comment Generator was created by teachers who discovered that lots of feedback that is created, both for assignments as well as report cards, sound quite similar. The Comment Generator was a solution for how to cut down on this tedious work.
No, The Comment Generator does not use artificial intelligence to write reports. Instead, you provide a "blueprint," called a comment bank, that you then use to personalize student reports. This way, the writing is in your own words and relative to your unique school and subject. If desired, you can use AI programs to help you write your comment banks and copy them into The Comment Generator.
Comment banks are stored on our servers, as are the first names and genders of students if you choose to enter them into a class. The reports generated are always done so locally - they are created in your browser and never leave your computer. A copy of them is saved by default to your browser but is not sent over the internet. If you don't want The Comment Generator to save a history of your reports, you can easily turn this feature off by clicking the History button at the top of the page.
The Comment Generator is currently free to use. Please see this page for more information.
As each comment bank is supplied by the user, it is super easy to customize The Comment Generator to work for any subject in any country.
Learning how to use The Comment Generator and creating a comment bank will take a small initial investment. Once that's done, however, you will be able to create reports much faster than manually writing each of them. It can take less than a minute of clicking buttons to personalize each report, and The Comment Generator will generate each report almost instantly. Learn how to get started.