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Made For Teachers By Teachers

Created for teachers by teachers who are currently in the classroom and using it themselves

Personalize Reports

Write personal reports in your own words and easily tailor them to each student

Save Time

Work smarter not harder - put effort into the important parts of reporting, while automating the tedious parts

Enter Students Into Classes

Enter student names and pronouns into a class list to avoid having to type their name every time you generate a report

Collaborate with Teams

Share and collaborate on comment banks with your colleagues to report consistently and save more time

Avoid Errors

Avoid spelling mistakes, as well as using the wrong name or pronouns

Write Report Cards

Stop dreading report card season by significantly decreasing the time it takes to write a set of reports

Give Assignment Feedback

Help students grow by giving specific and timely feedback on assignments or work

Report History

Save a history of the reports you have generated and download them as text files, spreadsheets or PDFs