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Getting Started

Welcome to The Comment Generator

The Comment Generator can help save you time on your assessment. Regardless of if you are writing comments for report cards, or providing feedback on assignments, The Comment Generator can help. While you can search for comments other teachers have written, The Comment Generator is intended to be used with your comments. Setting up The Comment Generator will take a little time, but we're confident it will save you much more after writing your comments!

Comment Banks

The first thing you will need to get started is a Comment Bank.

What is a Comment Bank?

A comment bank is where all the comments that may be included in your reports will be saved. A comment bank can be a collection of one comment or many different ones.

Where do I get a Comment Bank?

You can search for publicly available comment banks, but chances are they won't be quite what you are looking for. To make your reports as relevant as possible for your students, you should create your own comment bank. To do either of these things, start by clicking on the "Comment Bank" link in the top navigation bar.

How do I write a Comment Bank?

We recommended that you first start by writing down all the things you normally include in your report. Once you have this collection of comments, you will turn it into a comment bank. Learn how to create a comment bank.

Consider Adding your Classes

While not required to use The Comment Generator, you can add your students to your classes. Doing so will save you time if you plan to generate more than one report for your students as you will only need to enter their names once. Learn how to create a class.

Generate your Reports

Once you've created your comment bank and optionally added your class list, it is time to start generating your reports! Click the "Generate" button on the top navigation. You will be asked to select a comment bank to use. Pick the one you just created. You will then see a screen with a bunch of inputs. Your comments will be listed, and you can choose which ones to include for each student by selecting them. The Comment Generator will automatically insert each student's name into the reports, as well as use the correct pronouns based on that student's gender.

Once you have selected all the comments you want in your report, click the "Generate Report" button found both at the top and bottom of the page. Your report will appear below the inputs. It will also be automatically copied to your computer's clipboard, ready to be pasted into your student information system, grade book, or learning management system. The Comment Generator formats reports so that they are compatible with most of these systems.

Learn more about generating reports.